What does CO stand for?

We stand for all things CO! Coworking, Communication, Collaboration, Cooperatives, Cool Events… you get the idea. Stay tuned for lots of word play.

What is coworking?

Coworking is exploding and we’re so excited to bring it to Rhinebeck! It is a trend that goes along with a new vision for the future of work, as more and more people are able to work remotely, from a laptop.


Rather than relying on coffee-shops or working from home, a coworking space allows you to have the benefits of a professional work environment, while providing the economical flexibility and access to community of a shared workspace.


Who is CO good for?

We are open to everyone who wants to get work done in a productive, inspiring, flexible space. Whether you need your own dedicated desk, or you just need a quiet corner to park your laptop, we’ve got you covered. We serve everyone from freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs, to startup teams, day-use visitors, and employees who work remotely.


How do I get started?

CO is a membership-based shared workspace, so first check out our different memberships to see which level fits your needs. Then we'll have you sign up for our app: we use a smartphone app to make it easy to manage your membership and connect you to the community. If you have questions or want to schedule a tour, please contact us!


Can I just come for the day?

Yes! We’d love to have you join us for the day. Our visitor day rate is $30.


Do I have to be a member to rent space?

Nope. Although we do recommend signing up for a Community Membership for $25/month because then it’s so easy to reserve space via our app. Plus you can also cowork 2 days per month with us and stay in the loop for events and specials. If you’d still like to rent our space for an event or meeting without a CO membership, please fill out our space rental inquiry form and we’ll go from there.


Is CO a cooperative?

Yes! CO is a cooperatively-owned and -operated coworking center. We think cooperative ownership makes sense: it aligns our business model with our business purpose. Let us know if you want to know more about it!

Do I have to join the co-op to cowork at CO or to rent space?

No, you don’t have to be a co-op member to use our spaces - you can just sign up month-to-month for coworking access via our coworking memberships or you can rent space with us directly. Co-op participation is optional.


I want to join the co-op. How can I do that?

We’d love to have you join the co-op. With co-op membership you get profit sharing and voting rights so you can help shape the future of CO! You are eligible to join our co-op after six months of coworking membership. We have more information on how our co-op works - contact us to find out more!

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative is a legal entity owned and democratically controlled by its members. Members often have a close association with the enterprise as producers or consumers of its products or services, or as its employees.


The nitty-gritty: how does CO’s co-op really work?

CO is what’s called a multi-stakeholder LLC with a cooperative operating agreement, and we have four different types of co-op members: Owners, Employees, Co-Workers and Investors. Governance is shared across the first three classes of members, and profit is shared with all members, taking into account “patronage” (a co-op term that refers to a member’s level of use or contribution). We pay out dividends to our co-op members at the end of each profitable year, allocated by the Board in proportion to each member’s patronage as applicable and with the capital needs of the business in mind.