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Terms of Service 

House Rules for all Members

We want to provide the best co-working experience for you. Our success lies in us all being kind, considerate of fellow CO-workers and visitors and respectful of the space and its vibe.
This is a community space
● Pitch in to keep the space looking beautiful for all. Please clean up your own mess: be mindful when leaving meeting rooms or phone booths, and especially in the kitchen (e.g. food, beverages, dishes, trash).
● Let us know if something needs fixing or improving, or if you have ideas or skills to contribute.
● No pets.
Be mindful of our shared environment and minimize distractions
● Noise mindfulness (no loud phone calls in common areas, no music/videos blaring etc.).
● No smoking other than in the designated area outside.
● Nose mindfulness (no super odorous lunch, no strong perfume).
● Quiet conversations are welcome in the lounge, diner booths and kitchen areas.
We believe in sustainability
● Please recycle — a single-stream blue bin is provided in the kitchen area for paper, plastic, cans and glass. Break down cardboard boxes and place next to the bin.
● Don’t print if you can keep your document in digital form. Save trees!
● We love our solar panels, but we also encourage smart energy usage - e.g. turn off lights when you leave an empty space.
Time and space
● CO is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to all membership levels 
● Residents, Full-time Flex Members, and Half-time Flex Members have 24/7 access via key card access.
● Use and respect the reservation system for the Kiva conference rooms. When your time is up, please vacate the space.
● Visitors are welcome to swing by for a half-hour visit. After that, visitors may join you in a rented conference room or they can join as CO365 members, which comes with a day of co-working.
● Kids are also welcome for 30-minute visits as long as they respect that this is an adult workspace.
Safe and secure
● If you are the last to leave, turn off lights and check that ALL four exterior doors are locked and windows closed. Doors to check: Back door, kitchen door, resident space door and front door.
● Please park in the spaces provided. If there are none left, you may park along the road; make sure your car is completely off the road because it is a school bus route.
● We want everyone to feel welcome and secure at CO. We have zero tolerance for harassment and little patience for unwanted attention or disruptive behavior. Please immediately report incidents that make you uncomfortable to the CO team.
Contact us
1. Message us on Optix: This is the best way to report a problem in real time.
2. Email
3. Call us at (845) 481-3681

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